ENGSpider is an online application that helps process the clash results from the traditional Autodesk® Navisworks clash detection process and pushes those clash results back into the source BIM models. A typical workflow of doing clash review involves either scrolling through the results in Navisworks, identifying their locations back in the source models, or denoting them on a full set of prints. ENGSpider processes the reported XML from the clash detection on our online servers and then allows the user to download a 3D CAD file that can be referenced back to the active source models (Revit®, Bentley, AutoCAD®).

Each clash is designated by a 3D symbol, located at the specific point within the Navisworks model. ENGSpider clash designators are grouped by sets and can be searched in the model.

Watch our ENGSpider demo:

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Our Portfolio

Sacramento International Airport

Size: 675,000 sf | 62.710 m2 Location: Sacramento, CA Client: Walsh Construction 

Harrahs Cherokee Casino & Hotel

Size: 875,000 sf | 81.135 m2 Location: Cherokee, NC  Client: Turner Constructi...

Northlake Data Center

Size: 707,000 sf | 65.682 m2 Location: Northlake, IL General Contractor: Turner Construction Client:...

Department of Defense – Washington Headquarters

Size: 2,550,000 sf | 236.903 m2 Location: Alexandria, VA Client: Confidential 

Astellas Pharma Company Headquarters

Size: 425,000 sf | 39.484 m2 Location: Glenview, IL General Contractor: Power Construction Client: G...

Harvard Dunster House

Size: 170,000 sf | 15.794 m2 Location: Cambridge, MA Client: Harvard University 

Sutter General Hospital

Size: 1,080,000 sf | 100.335 m2 Location: Sacramento, CA General Contractor: Turner Construction Cli...

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