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Specific BIM Services for General Contractors

ENGworks' core mission is to ensure our clients optimize their investment throughout the construction process by fully implementing our BIM Modeling/3D Coordination technology expertise. Therefore, ENGworks has become a strategic partner to Construction Teams achieving tangible cost savings by performing BIM Construction Trade Coordination, Clash Detection Reports, BIM On-Site Support, 4D Construction Simulations and 5D Cost Estimates. These are just several of the many valuable services we can provide general contractors.


YouBIM is a SAAS (Software as a service) cloud based solution, for today's demanding facilities. By utilizing a 3 dimensional immersive environment for navigation of your property, facility maintenance needs can be identified and assigned quicker, also providing the facility technician with more information about the service environment.


MEP BIM Integration Suite

ENGworks MEP BIM Integration Suite gives users the tools to quickly implement and support BIM (with solutions for content management, manufacturer specific pipe types, implementation documentation), and quickly transition from CAD to BIM with Revit MEP project templates.


BIM Project Plan Authoring

The successful adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be a direct result of the processes and plan that is defined in the beginning stages of adoption. ENGworks has created and implemented dozens of BIM Execution Plans (BEP). After thorough investigation and goal definition these documents include standards and protocols for how the project team members will work together in the design and construction of a project.


BIM Modeling Services

BIM Modeling represents the central focus of the effort in design and constructability analysis. ENGworks brings to the table full Bentley and Autodesk expertise on all disciplines: Architectural, Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection. A customer centric approach is our key strength and has gone long way in developing long term business relationships with our clients.


Building Conflict Reporting/ Clash Detection

As the BIM Models for all disciplines are accurately created, ENGworks performs Clash Detection and generates customized Building Conflict Reports (BCR). Our staff works together with the architects, engineers, general contractor and trades to detect and resolve the design conflicts among construction elements, before construction dollars are spent.


On-Site Support/ BIM Field Coordinator

Technology has greatly eased work from different locations. We believe though, that for certain endeavors, a personal presence is required in order to increase communication, thereby maximizing efficiency. ENGworks can instruct general contractors and other team leaders in the effective oversight of Coordination meetings.


Third-Party BIM Model Auditing

It is always sound thinking to verify the consistency of the information contained within a Building Information Model (BIM). Failure to audit the BIM will undoubtedly result in the output data being unreliable and producing false reports.


3D Virtual Presentations/ Visualization

As an accurate BIM has already been generated, we can efficiently export it to the appropriate visualization software package, select the desired views, compose images, and produce photorealistic renderings. The presentations are tailored more to the audience, which will contain more valuable information about the project than if only a designer was presenting.


Procurement and Quantity Take-Offs (QTO)

Accurate quantification of building components is a constant necessity during design and construction phases of any project. ENGworks assists during the procurement process by providing Quantity Take-Offs generated from the BIM. When combined with optional studies or phasing, accurate comparative data can be a powerful tool in maintaining and optimizing efficiencies. ENGworks will work with its clients to maximize the value and e of a model toward these tasks.


5D Cost Estimation

The fifth dimension (5D) is cost, which is brought into the virtual building life cycle. ENGworks believes a three-dimensional project model removes the ambiguity and potential inconsistencies in project quantity estimations.


BIM for Fabrication and Prefabrication

Preparing a building component or assembly for fabrication is a time consuming process that depends on numerous complex factors. BIM facilitates a variety of related design-construction activities, including digital fabrication and Shop drawings of building components. BIM enables digital design-to-fabrication workflows for all building disciplines.


As-Built BIM Models

ENGworks has developed an efficient process to capture all the changes that took place during construction. By utilizing As-Built drawings and/or sub-contractor mark-ups, ENGworks incorporates the information into the BIM to generate As-Built models.


6D - BIM for Facility Management

Through years of experience, ENGworks knows that, as construction nears completion there is a drop in the level of detail regarding documentation. Owners are often given disconnected documents, specifications, equipment manuals, and semi-accurate construction documents and/or electronic models to which they pertain. ENGworks is able to make sense of this information and deliver accurate useful information for Facilities Management.


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